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Meal Planning Redefined

We believe what you eat, matters

Organic Chef To Go makes it easy to eat right at home or work with locally made, chef-crafted, and seasonally inspired meals. We develop menus that are designed to fuel your body and mind, while creating and establishing healthy eating habits.

We’re not your traditional meal delivery service, our focus is simple. Create beautiful meals, using the best ingredients available while redefining what healthy eating means to you. 

We help organizations and households create and establish healthier eating habits by taking the work and guesswork out of meal planning


Locally made

Based in Scottsdale, Organic Chef To Go sources the finest ingredients from local purveyors, whenever possible. Through our commitment to local ingredients, we’re able to provide you with the freshest and nutritious ingredients available.


Whole food nutrition

Following the principles of whole food and Mediterranean Diet, we create meals featuring an assortment of antioxidant-rich ingredients, superfoods, plant-based proteins, fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.


Nothing fake or refined

We’ve eliminated preservatives, refined sugar,hydrogenated fats, excess salt, and ‘natural flavors.’

Meet Executive Chef, Kristen Madison

I became passionate about nutrition and cooking after growing up in the Midwest following a traditional American diet. Moving to Phoenix and living the west coast lifestyle, I became enticed about whole food nutrition and fine foods and began sharing that love through our luxury brand, Kale Personal Chef Services.

Spring 2020 changed the forefront of Kale and placed our in-home services on pause. By making a pivot with our weekly in-home meal prep services to custom meal delivery services allowed us to survive and thrive through uncertain times.

I created Organic Chef To Go as a way to take the work and guesswork out of healthy eating and to redefine what healthy eating means to you. For the past 8 years, I’ve used my approach to help everyone from families to professional athletes improve their relationship with food and now I’m excited to make our food more accessible to organizations and households throughout Phoenix.

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