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Real food for real life

Improve your relationship with food, and create sustainable healthy habits. Organic Chef To Go provides ready-to-eat, locally prepared meals influenced by the season with house-made recipes by a team of talented chefs.

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Entertain with the convenience of fresh, gourmet, and fine catering spreads for your next gathering. Our talented team will create a menu highlighting seasonal ingredients, signature items, and your food preferences.  What’s Included: 

  • Chef curated menu
  • A five-item spread consisting of one hors d’oeuvre, one salad, two proteins, one grain or starch, and one vegetable side.
  • All food is delivered chilled with storage and simple reheating instructions
  • Printed Menu
Starting at $75 / per person, plus gratuity and/or delivery fee 5 person minimum

From: $130.00 / week

The Signature Meal Plan combines a plant-based diet with lean meats and seafood. Developed for those who enjoy eating lean meats and seafood, while enjoying the benefits of eating more plant-based meals. What's Included:

  • Each meal is designed for 1 person
  • Meals 450-500 calories each and freedom from counting calories and unhealthy eating habits
  • Delivered on Monday (Monday & Tuesday's Meals) and Wednesday (Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday Meals)

The story behind the brand 

Meet our Executive Chef, Kristen Madison

For the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to share my passion for cooking through our luxury sister brand, Kale Personal Chef Services. Here, I’ve been able to work with everyone from busy parents, professional athletes, celebrities, corporate executives, and more! Using my approach to improve their energy levels, lose weight, improve digestion, and more! 

Today, I’m excited to share my experience for those needing to improve their diet, lose weight, eat healthier, and those facing the ultimate battle, cancer.

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Chef crafted menus – inspired by the season
100% real food. whole ingredients. 

Goji berries? Jicama? Chia seeds? Discover the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-rich diet. Organic Chef To Go menus are inspired by The Mediterranean Diet, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and Plant-Based Diet. Why do you ask? It’s simple. Eating real food, the way nature intended provides us with the best tasting meals, to nourish our body and mind for today, tomorrow, and inspire us to make smarter choices when it comes to feeding ourselves, the ones we love, and our employees.