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We believe what you eat matters. Following the principles of a Whole Food, Plant-Rich Diet we’re your resource for all your meal planning needs. We’re a local and organic meal delivery service in Phoenix offering weekly menus featuring a fresh assortment of healthy prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as house made cold pressed juices, and clean snacks.

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organic meal delivery - wellness meal plan

Wellness Meal plan

Our most popular meal plan! Includes lean meats and seafood with your choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


Starting at $158 / per week


  • Meals are portioned to 500-600 calories each and include on average 6 oz protein, 4 oz vegetables, and 2-2.5 of grains, low glycemic carbohydrates, and or starches
  • Approximately 1500-1700 calories per day when ordering breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Those who want to eat healthy and create sustainable eating habits
  • Enjoy eating lean meats and seafood
  • Tired of fad diets, and unhealthy eating cycles
  • Open to trying new foods, flavors, and plant-based meals
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Organic Meal Delivery - Plant Based and Vegan Meal Plan

plant based Meal plan

Discover the benefits of a following a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet. Enjoy delicious plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Starting at $158 / per week


  • Meals are 500-600 calories each and include plant-based proteins such as our house made lentil cake, bean meatballs, lentils, beans, quinoa, and organic tofu
  • Increase fiber intake and heart health
  • Want to eliminate processed plant-based proteins and focus on eating fresh, unprocessed foods
  • Interested in trying new foods, and flavors


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Custom Meal Plan Delivery - Organic Meal Delivery


Have special dietary needs? Food Preferences? Ordering individual meals allows you to mix and match. 


Starting at $125 / per week


  • Only need a couple of meals a week
  • Perfect for those who have special food preferences and/or dietary needs
  • Following a special diet, and need assistance with meal preparation
  • Need to avoid certain foods 
  • Want to eat healthy, fresh, and unprocessed foods





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Food Philosophy

We believe that the best meals start with real food, whole ingredients. Following the principles of a Whole Food, Plant-Rich Diet, we develop weekly menus inspired by the season. Organic Chef To Go uses organic poultry, wild-caught seafood, house made plant-based proteins, organic tofu, fresh produce, antioxidant rich ingredients, superfoods, whole grains, hormone free dairy, nuts, and seeds. 

We’ve eliminated refined sugar, high glycemic carbohydrates, excess sodium, ingredients from the dirty dozen, genetically modified ingredients, and hydrogenated fats. 

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